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Free Stable Coin - review

by Jack Cox

Free Stable coin, by Monetize911 is owned by Leslie Robert Wolfe - but is it legit?

The business is new so it's difficult to tell at this stage. It's true to say that nobody has been paid out any money yet. The company says this will happen when it has "fully launched" which is supposed to happen sometime in June or July of 2021. Only time will tell whether it ever happens or not.

On the positive side. It's free to join so what do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing really. The company gets our telephone number and email address so it's possible that the harvesting of our data is their true end game. I don't know whether you can just ignore the telephone number field when signing up. I didn't try. But I can tell you that you for certain that they don't check. You can put any number you like. Whatever you do, don't use the same user name and password that you use for other programmes. but then you wouldn't do that anyway, would you?

So my advice would be to give it a go but not to give the company any sensitive data.

Here is how it works. The company says that they give you 25 US dollars to sign up but of course, what they are really giving you is 25 stable coins, which at the moment are totally worthless because you can't get them out (yet? ). And they give you another 25 totally worthless stable coins every time you introduce somebody.

Of course they may not always be totally worthless. And there is a possibi lity that they may be worth $1 each in a few weeks. So what do you have to loses? Absolutely nothing. So sign up for your free coins today!. I did.